About Me

Visit Kangaroo Zoo during my trip in Sydney Australia
Visit Kangaroo Zoo during my trip in Sydney Australia

I'm passionate about art, design, and travel...

I moved to Spain during the pandemic and had an opportunity to learn some graphic design using Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator design software and make some side income selling designs on the Redbubble marketplace. And it ignited my hidden passion for art and design that I was unaware of before and motivated me to change my career into something I would enjoy doing every day.

Why I would be a good fit for your company...


Since I have years of experience working in the medical and scientific research field, I have trained to think logically and equipped myself with critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills to tackle and solve a problem.


I have also developed customer care and active listening skills from years of working experience in the hospital by interacting with many patients and listening to their life stories or complaints to discover the underlying causes of their illnesses while performing the scans. These skill sets have helped me to empathize with the users when conducting my user research.


I have also worked as a Sales Telemarketer which has helped me to horn my communication skills to become a better & effective communicator, which is essential to work in a team.

What I am looking for in a company...

I am looking for a company that has a diversified workplace that prioritizes employee development with potential career growth opportunities and uses English as the primary spoken language. I am also looking for a company that has the flexibility to work from home.

I am seeking an internship/ a full-time position as a UX/UI Designer/Product designer. If you think I'm a right fit for your company or you want a collaboration with me, please do not hesitate to contact me by dropping me an email at: leetingkhoo96@gmail.com

For my long-term goal, I'd like to specialize in designing Saas products as it really stimulates my brain cells and gives me job satisfaction for bringing a positive impact to the users and helping businesses grow.